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    Name: Jin Tsui
    Polyacrylic Acid (PAA)

    【CAS】: 9003-01-4 (PAA) 

    Structural Formula:


    PAA is innoxious and soluble in water, it can be used in situations of alkaline and high concentration without scale sediment. PAA can disperse the microcrystals or microsand of calcium carbonate, calcium phosphate and calcium sulfate. PAA is used as scale inhibitor and dispersant for circulating cool water system, papermaking, weave, dyeing, ceramic, painting, etc.





    Colorless or light yellow transparent liquid

    Solid content %

    30 min

    Free monomer (CH2=CH-COOH) %

    0.5 max

    Density 20g/cm3

    1.09 min

    pH1 solution

    3.0 max

    40%, 50% PAA are also supplied.


    PAA can be used as scale inhibitor and dispersant in circulating cool water systems in power plants, iron & steel factories, chemical fertilizer plants, refineries and air conditioning systems. Dosage should be in accordance with water quality and equipment materials. When used alone, 1-15mg/L is preferred.

    Package and Storage:

    Normally 200kg net in drum, IBC, or as required. Storage for one year in shady room and dry places.

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